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30.03.2017 08:30 Category: Allgemein

Developed for Toddlers: QUBRIC and ETOLIS

Huge Play-Value - Clear Design – Little Space

Item "Malu"

Item "Malu"

Item "Moana"

Item "Kelii"


Toddlers up to 4 years are having particular needs regarding Design of play items and playground equipment. With a lot of experience the Playexperts of NEOSPIEL® developed a complete new playsystem for kindergardens and public playspaces.

Creativity needs space and free area. It is the task and main function of a playground equipment to offer these elements. Design of QUBRIC and ETOLIS  is very easy by intention to offer a space for free play and creativity. The clear and clean design is following the thougt of "Form follwong Function". The Function should always be in the foreground at teh development of things. As well the limitation in colouring is following this concept.

The itmes are amde of HPL-Material (High Pressure Laminate) and stainless steel. The ready-made-foundations are for easy installation and quick usage on-site. No long waiting untill concrete is ready!

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