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The concept of movement


4Fcircle is the concept of movement - for public areas, for all generations.

Play equipment for private use


We offer play equipment for private use in our online-shop.

Be surprised by new ideas and new equipment.

Spare parts of all kinds


Spare parts for all kinds of playground equipment. Affordable prices, fast delivery.


PLAYPARC-Equipment is manufactured in Germany. State-of-the-art machinery, highly qualified craftsmen and filed logistics all contribute to realise innovative ideas to your advantage. We are more than happy to welcome you to visit our production in Willebadessen. Come in, and be convinced by the high quality craftsmenship of PLAYPARC product.

Quality controll

PLAYPARC-Products are always checked for their quality, before leaving production. Should you have any concerns or complains nonetheless, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will use all information to improve our products. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.


NEOSPIEL® uses mainly quartered wooden beams. These beams are heart free which reduces the probability for cracking and ensures a high durability. The material is pressure impregnated against wood destroying micro organisms.

NEOSPIEL® products can be made from the following types of wood:

  • Spruce (standard),
  • Douglas fir/larch,
  • robinia and
  • oak.

Wood is a natural product. Its main advantage is the ability to take or give of moisture as needed. Therefore after long dry periods small cracks may occur, which according to DIN-EN 1176 are permitted up to 8mm. Slight variations in the colouring can be possible due to the woods individual acceptance of the impregnation fluid.

core free roundwood
core free square wood


PE is universally usable. Thanks to its many advantages, NEOPSPIEL® applies PE to many different assembly parts. Roof covers, balustrade fillings, water play features and more. The PE used by NEOSPIEL® is food safe, solid coloured and UV stable. The colour remains for a long time and keeps the playvalue of the equipment for many years to come

Convince yourself and order a small sample of our PE material.


Form locking connections

The form locking connections offer a higher safety for playing children.  Shear traps are avoided, risks of pinching and crushing are reduced. The innovative connection-technique also reduces  weak access points for destructive micro-organisms (constructive wood protection) . NEOSPIEL playframes therefore reach high safety and durability. The connecting elemtns of our play-towers for instance (floor angles etc) are made from stainless steel. Swing shackles are made from stainless steel and stored service free. 


Connection at water play units from NEOSPIEL

Connection Screws

The connection screws (GRV) are NEOSPIELs very own development. All weight bearing elements are connected with our GRV-System. This ensures an absolute formlocking connection in all situation, which means that we can abstain from covers and bucklers. All screws and neccessary plates are made from stainless steel. Thanks to all of the above, our play equipment reaches the highest possible level of safety.