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The concept of movement


4Fcircle is the concept of movement - for public areas, for all generations.

Play equipment for private use


We offer play equipment for private use in our online-shop.

Be surprised by new ideas and new equipment.

Spare parts of all kinds


Spare parts for all kinds of playground equipment. Affordable prices, fast delivery.

About us

Playparc Allwetter-Freizeit-Anlagenbau GmbH was founded in 1989

The people behind Playparc Allwetter-Freizeit-Anlagenbau GmbH produce and distribute in a smoothe transition with continuing staff not only the germany- and even europeanwide famous productline NEOSPIEL, but also 4FCIRCLE since the year 2001, spare parts for public playgrounds and play equipment for the home garden.

More space for {action}, that is our motto. With everything that we develop, plan and design it is our main focus to give people the opportunity to be active, and to have fun with it. No matter if big or small, we belive that an inner urge to be active lives within each and every person.


Association and standardisation

We are also members of the german BSFH (German federation of manufactures for Playground and leisure facilities") which combines manufactures of playgrounds, safety surfaces, installation companies and certification institutes.

DIN & CEN (German institute vor standardisation and European commitee for standardisation) 

For the last few years we have also enjoyed to actively take part in the standardisation of safety standards within our fields. We actively work in the area of skating standardisation (DIN-EN 14974), Playground Equipment Standardisation (DIN-EN 1176) and also in the field of "Outdoor Fitness equipment" (DIN 79000).


Our representatives abroad

We have many representatives in other countries, to ensure a competent and reliable service for our customers abroad. Simply get in contact  with us and we will refer you to one of our reliable partners.


Our history

Here you can find a brief historic summay about the formation and progression of Playparc GmbH :

  • 1979 Foundation of Neospiel GmbH in Kassel
  • 1985 Move from the first office and production to our current location in Willebadessen/Borlinghausen
  • 1987 Building the first skatebpark for the public
  • 1989 Foundation of Playparc GmbH as logistics and  development company for skate equipment 
  • 1998 Playparc taking over the business of Neospiel
  • 2002 first realisation of a 4Fcircle park in Munich
  • 2004 first Playgarden-catalogue with equipment for home gardens
  • 2004 Moving of the production to Willebadessen
  • 2007 First independant spare parts catalogue
  • 2008 Extension of the production in Willebadessen
  • 2012 Complete redesign of PLAYPARCs appearance

Our product range

  • NEOSPIEL - Childrens playground for public areas, schools and playschools
  • 4FCIRCLE - Fitness- and action parks for all generations
  • ERSATZTEILE - Spare parts for all kinds of playground equipment
  • IMAGINATION PLAYGROUND - Unique play system for free play

Photos for our catalogue

Playparc for Romania