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The concept of movement


4Fcircle is the concept of movement - for public areas, for all generations.

Play equipment for private use


We offer play equipment for private use in our online-shop.

Be surprised by new ideas and new equipment.

Spare parts of all kinds


Spare parts for all kinds of playground equipment. Affordable prices, fast delivery.


With thanks to the close collaboration with the developing partners TU Munic (health- and Fitness sports) , a completely new and sports scientific founded concept arose. 

EACH project is being accompanied by our sportsscientific partner. Therefore it is guaranteed, that for each and every project there will contain a well balanced selection of the equipment.



Due to the careful selection of high quality material and solid equipment construction, we can can guarantee the maximum of durability and safety.  All metal is of stainless steel (surface glasperl blasted) or, if statically stressed, hot zinc dipped steel.An additional colourful design (powder coated) is also available upon request.

All connections carry through, are formlocking and contain stainless steel screws.The bearing areas of the trunk-trainings equipment are made from a specially developed  synthetic material, which is cut-proof and hardly flammable.

All the wood we use is made from pressure impregnated pine wood (according to DIN 68800-3) or upon request from natural douglas fir,  robinia or other types of wood.

All pillar posts are supplied with hot-zinc coated post-shoes.



We want to plan together with you. It is very important to us, that we create functioning parks, and not just any park that has equipment in it. Only those, that function very well according to their meaning, are good mulitplications that carry the idea of public activity. This is our aim. With good and focussed planning all according to your individual requirements, this can be achieved. So, let´s try, lets begin.


The equipment of 4Fcircle Fitnessparks all comply with the most up to date requirements of DIN EN 1176 in technique, architecture and function. These are tested and certified.

The production is also frequently checked by the corresponding safety institutions.

In addition, thoughts are also geared towards the currently being developed new DIN (NA 112-07-08) for location binded fitness equipment in outside areas, in which development we currently play a vital role.