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The concept of movement


4Fcircle is the concept of movement - for public areas, for all generations.

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4FCIRCLE - the concept of being active

To stay fit, is as much a matter of cause as eating and drinking - and shall be just as enjoyable.  4Fcircle® makes this need its own : we want to be close to other people. We dont wish to train on our own in the woods, but in the center of towns. On streets and open places, city parks and adventure parks, thats where the everyday fitness is happening. 4FCIRCLE® is always available, open 24 hours, animates everyone and anyone to try it out and simply convices and motivates people to absolve their everyday training.

Our product "Wellenlaufen" ("waverunning") with Oli



that one of our 4FCIRCLE® parks in Hessen has been undergoing scientific research?

The hess government carried out an academical study on our outdoor fitness park of 4FCIRCLE® in Darmstadt. The results produced by highschools which reflect the physical as well as social and psychological influence of our equipment were more than positive. We are very happy about that. You can find more information here.