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The concept of movement


4Fcircle is the concept of movement - for public areas, for all generations.

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4F stands for Fit / Free / Fun / Function an promotes a real alternative everyone that likes to be active outdoors. The completely new concept of being active combines all current trainings- and sports-scientific knowledged

Even the German Olympic Sportsassociation (DOSB) is a strong supporter of our ideas and recommends the use of 4Fcircle.


The 4Fcircle equipment offers anyone the chance for goal- orientated training of 

  • coordination
  • strength
  • endurance
  • movability
  • as well as mobilisation

and are also the optimal  addition to already existing Sports- and fitness sites such as running / walking tracks, Trimm-Trails or School - and Sports parks of any kind.


One of the most important aspects at the conversion and use of the sports-scientific concepts are clear, understandable instructions for use.

Those divide into three different stages of difficulty, which differenciate by colours.

The exercise descriptions contain visibly clear graphics, to bring a better understanding of what can be done with the 4Fcircle equipment.

Beispiel Schild

User groups

The stations, better say possibilities for training and play on the 4Fcircle derived from the supply of sports courses for amateur sports with no restrictions to age or level of fitness.

Therefore, depending on the asssembly of different equipment, variant courses for near enough any user group can arise: 

  • Families…a cross-generation supply for mobility, which encourages the interplay of young and old.
  • Seniors…specifically chosen stations, that are developed especially for the mobility needs of the elderly
  • Schools…for children that use the parks playfully, and for teenagers that use the equipment for outdoor PE lessons. 
  • Aktive Sports person…for individual training for joggers oder bikers that wish to improve their endurance on 4Fcircle, and for 4Fcircle Ihr Ausdauertraining ergänzen, und for whole clubs to  specifically absolve certain areas of traniing.
  • Walkers…that "happen to walk by"
  • Tourists…as an additional attraction of the area for visitors and tourists
  • Therapists/personal trainers…use the 4Fcircle for the support of their prevention and rehability courses.
  • in principal for everyone that enjoys the fun in a health orientated outside activity.
Detail der 4FCIRCLE-Pedalostation

Leading Idea

The 4Fcircle-Fitnessparcours offers a broad range of motivating, fun orientated, freely accessable Fitness equipment to anyone,

  • regardless to age,

  • regardless to size,

  • regardless to physical abilities!

Concept of success

  • Highly motivating

  • Through fun to sports

  • Trainings success = motivation

  • Highly accepted by everyone around 

  • highly frequent use

  • used by associations, schools, old peoples homes, big companies, and even the german army as well as the police force.

  • Diverse trainings possibilities of all important areas of strength, koordination and mobility.

  • Solid Fitness equipment in the respects of technique, funktion and architecture.