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4Fcircle is the concept of movement - for public areas, for all generations.

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Studies and statements

4FCIRCLE® is THE sports-medical outdoor park for public areas. So it is no surprise that 4FCIRCLE® enjoys a lot of interest by architects, polititians, planners and even the media. Below you will find a small selection of interesting opinions, statements and critique. We are happy to send you more detailled information upon request

Study of Hessia 

The Hessian Government  carried out an examination of the 4FCIRCLE® parks in Hanau and Darmstadt, especially for elderly people. Togehter with the Townsportsassociation Hessen, the Goethe - University Frankfurt, as well as the high school Darmstadt and the high school Rhein - Main Wiesbaden and furthermore two local businesses, the health effects of the park was examined with several test groups.

Here you can find the page of the social minister, where you can find the guidelines for download .


Study of Prof. Dr. Ing. Grit Hottenträger

Outdoor fitness park in Darmstadt and Hanau  - pilot project of the hess Sozialminister - an imperial examination of use.

This study describes the importance of the location search in detail.

The examination was carried out on site in Darmstadt.

You can download the study here .


4FCIRCLE®-User analysis

As the developer and producer of the movement parks, we asked our clients some questions such as


  • who uses the park?
  • when is it getting used the most?
  • What was important to you during the planning?

We combined the results and analised them, which you can find here

Further Studies

2001 Oliver Seitz:

„Exmamination of selected aspects for further developments of existing Trimm-Trails in the area of Munich“

2002 Fontanari :

Emperial examination of the 4FCIRCLE® concept at a park in Munich

2003: Mirjam LAUX:  

Demand analysis of adapted sportsoffers for Truckers at Rest-Stops and motorway stations, under the inclusion of several modules of the 4FCIRCLE® range

2004: Tobias Pylypiw:

Differences of training effectiveness of upper body training at the newly concipated Fitnessparks 4FCIRCLE® and training with the help of strength-gymnastical floor-practise.

2008 Prof. Dr. Hottenträger:

Genderdifferenciated studies about the outdoor use of elderly people

2012 Hessisches Sozialministerium Referat Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:

Keeping active for health in later years - guidelines for the setting up of a 4FCIRCLE® park

2013 Prof. Dr. Hottenträger:

Outdoor park in Darmstadt and Hanau: Pilotprojects of the hess social minister - an imperial study of use



J. Schmagold, Leader of high school sports, University Duiburg 2011

„Following the suggestion of Highschool sports, two TRIMMFIT-Parks were installed in our camps in Essen and Duisburg. These are now available to our students around the clock and are widely used during the short or longer breaks. This was a big first step, to integrate activity and sports into the every day life of Students and Professors as well as staff members - in a way that it has been done for many years in Britain and Amerika on a much larger scale."

Ingo Froböse, Leader of the centre for health at the German Sports-high school Cologne, "Die Welt" of 29.05.2010 about "TRIMMFIT EQUIPMENT"

„it creates the chance, to bring people out of their homes that usually don´t have the money for fitness or sports. The inhibition threshold to approach the equipment, is very low."

Alexander Paul, Fixture, Furniture & Equipment Manager of Fitness First Germany GmbH

"…us from Fitness First were looking for a professional Partner for the installation of fitness equipment in outdoor areas of some of our main studios. Together with 4FCIRCLE® we decided to go for a system of equipment that can be used by users of all fitnesslevels alike. Our new, less trained members as well as our member with high fitness levels now have the possibility to train outside."

Anja Meisel, Leader ofPublic Relations + Internet,  creamery Alois Müller GmbH & Co. KG

"For the realisation of our Müller® Trimm yourself Parks in german cities, 4FCIRCLE® is exactly the right partner : competent with their advice, reliable in the carrying out during the process and very service orientated during the whole collaboration. Also for the furthering idea to bring Trimm yourself to Kindergardens, 4FCIRCLE® was the perfect advisor with many ideas and suggestions, in order to be able to make Germanys Kindergardens Trimmy® Kindergardens."

Michael Stickeln, Maire of the Town Warburg/Westfalen

"The new generationpark is a fantastic addition for the free time development of young and old. I am excited to see how positively the locals have been praising the fitness equipment of the company Playparc®. These are sustainable, future orientated investions that make total sense."


Mrs Dr. Gertraud Burkert, former Sportsmaire Munich

"I am excited about the fact that the old trimm trails in Munich are getting replaced by these new equipment, which conforms with the newer and more modern sportsscientific researches. Many people in Munich enjoy being active but don´t neccessarily wish to be part of a club with set times for training - but to be able to train in the outdoors at their own choosing of time".

Rudolf Behacker, Sports-chief officer Munich

"As a Sportschiefleader I am very glad the we have the possibility of a new fitness park. The old sweatparks and trimm trails are dated."

Ina Himmler, Snowboarding world champion

"Very good equipment for my endurance training!"

Thomas Stangassinger, Olympia gold medalist Ski Alpine

"Perfect for the lacking activity in the everyday lives of old and young"

Rupert Eder, Maire of Henndorf a. Wallersee/Österreich

"Checking out the 4FCIRCLE® parks in Munich has convinced us, that we wish to be the first town in Austria to errect a 4FCIRCLE® park. We hope to set an example, so that many more will follow accross the country."

Alfred Gerber, Sports institution Thun/Schweiz

"I was already able to be convinced by the 4FCIRCLE® functionality during a sports-symposia in Munich 2005. The concept excited me immediately, so that I started the search for possible sponsors right away and can now errect the first 4FCIRCLE® in Switzerland, in my hometown Münchenbuchsee."