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The concept of movement


4Fcircle is the concept of movement - for public areas, for all generations.

Play equipment for private use


We offer play equipment for private use in our online-shop.

Be surprised by new ideas and new equipment.

Spare parts of all kinds


Spare parts for all kinds of playground equipment. Affordable prices, fast delivery.


Should you require this, then we are happy to carry out the installation - and foundation work of the playgrounds. This includes:

  • complete mounting of the equipment incl all required foundations.

  • Should you require the digging out of the fall-areas and the mounting of the fall-protection, then we can do this too.

  • Assisting the installation with providing an engineer, who directs your own qualified work forces


Is the installation planned to be carried out be the customer, we sometimes deliver the goods pre-mounted. For the installation and alignment of the foundations, we will creat plans with installation details. Depending on size and weight of the delivery, you might require cranes, diggers, forklifts or Traktors for the unloading upon delivery, and the installation of your playground.

Our installation conditions

Upon request, we make you an offer for installation. Unless quoted otherwise in our written offer to you, we calculate the installation based on the following components:

  • The mentioned price adhere the complete mounting/installation of the equipment including the digging out of the foundation ares, as well as the concrete itself.  

  • Accessibility and driveability of the site for a 40ton truck have to be guaranteed.

  • Ground conditions have to be VOB 1-3, with on-site disposal of dug out earth and/or spreading of earth accross the site (max. 30m range). Our offer does not contain the disposal of the dug out earth.

  • Should you dig out the earth yourself, please assure that this work is carried out before the planned installation of the equipment.

  • Fall-protection grounds such as Sand or other material is not part of our offer and has to be carried out by the customer after the installation of the equipment.

  • We have to be informed about technical and electrical supply before the beginning of the installation. Should this not happen, we can not be responsible for possible damage or additional cost.

  • Additional work such as stemming, added work due to poor ground conditions or waiting times will be additional cost for the customer, calculated on the actual added work.

  • The fencing off/securing the site is the customers responsibilty.

Pre-assembled foundations

Those playground and fitness equipment that have the relevant Symbol in our catalogue, will be delivered with pre-made foundation plates. These make the installation much easier by far and most often allow immediate use of the equipment after installation. You will not waste time by waiting until your foundation has hardened, and will not incur any cost by fencing off the playground until it is ready.  You can start playing immediately.